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250GB OWC Envoy Pro EX (Thunderbolt 3)


250GB OWC Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 (40Gb/s)

Compatible with and Certified for Mac / PC / Thunderbolt 3

* Fast and reliable M.2 NVMe (PCIe 3.0) SSD
* Integrated Thunderbolt 3 cable
* Bus-powered, easy portability
* 40Gb/s data bandwidth
* Sustained read speeds up to 1800MB/s

Your Future is Faster
Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 is the extreme performance portable SSD that works as fast as you do.

Super fast, portable, bus-powered and bootable, all at the phenomenal speed of Thunderbolt 3 up to 40 Gbps. Rugged, stylish, and compact, Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 delivers professional-grade portable SSD performance, wherever you are. And with an integrated cable, it's the perfect package to match your Thunderbolt 3 workflow on site, on set, or in the wilderness.

Faster than anything before
The phenomenal new Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 is fast, capable of a total bandwidth of 40Gb/s and a sustained data rate up to 1800MB/s. The secret is the perfect combination of phenomenal bandwidth offered by the Thunderbolt 3 interface and ultra high-performance single-blade M.2 SSD, wrapped up in the rugged, stylish Envoy Pro EX enclosure. Now you can work in real-time with the most I/O heavy transfer tasks like working directly with multistream video.

Tough enough to keep up
A portable drive isn't much good if it can't handle what you throw at it. Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 excels at keeping on keeping on. Fully bus powered, and with no moving parts, it's already light years ahead of the competition. Add into the equation MIL-STD-810G drop test compliance, and you've got a true portable powerhouse that won't let you down on the road.

It's the drive you need.
Whether you need a high-performance project drive to edit dailies on set, or a perfect, portable boot drive, Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 has you covered, doing double duty as both. Designed for details, it always runs cool and quiet, and looks great in matte black. And with the integrated Thunderbolt 3 cable, you're always ready to go. Available in multiple capacities, there's an Envoy Pro EX Thunderbolt 3 designed to suit your portable Thunderbolt 3 workflow.

- OWC Envoy Pro EX with integrated Thunderbolt 3 cable
- Carrying case
- User guide

  • Artikelnummer: OWC-ENVPEX3-250G
  • Garanti: 3 års garanti
  • EAN-kod:
  • Kompatibla OEM #: TB3ENVPRC02 (1)
    OWCTB3ENVPRC02 (1)
  • Tillverkarens artikelnr: OWCTB3ENVPRC02


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