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AdderLink X-serie USB, dual VGA


AdderLink X-serie USB, dual VGA

Adder's next generation USB, video and audio extender delivers sharp, bright and high resolution video images and high quality audio for multi screen desktops at distances up to 300m (1000ft) over CATx cables.

The AdderLink X-USB PRO MS has been designed to provide industryleading video clarity, compatibility and high rack densities.

Precision Video
VGA resolutions of 1920 x 1200 are achievable at 300 meters (1000ft).This is achieved by including a variable noise filter which overcomes issues introduced by increased gain as the length of the cable increases over 200 meters.

Video Compensation
A Multi-pole compensation technique is used to enable superb video quality at maximum distance over a single cable. For the first time, adjustment can be made for cable type and cable length with further color skew compensation and gain adjustment to ensure crystal clear images, all from the receiver?s keyboard.

Local Feed Through Port
A local feed through port is provided for audio and video so a local console can be used.

Emulated Two Page DDC EDID
This extender supports full two page DDC EDID. Some high performance video cards require the two page data or they will not deliver optimal performance.

USB Support
The X-USB extends USB 2.0 (low and full speed) allowing all USB compatible accessories (including isochronous devices) to be extended. The receiver unit has a built in 4 port USB hub to enable a complete desktop to be located remotely, including a keyboard, monitor, mouse, diskdrive, flash memory stick, webcam, and any other device that would normally be plugged into your computer?s USB port.

CD Quality Audio Extention
2 channel 16 bit audio sampled at 44.1KHz (CD quality) is transferred from local to remote for a line out / speakers use case

Dual User Configuration
Two X-USB PRO units can be linked to a single computer so two users can access the system. When using two sets of X-USB PRO modules to allow two users to access a single computer the arbitration between the users is handled by the USB sub-system of the computer. This means that both users can control the computer at exactly the same time and the resulting keyboard and mouse influences will be an amalgam of the two inputs.

Rack Options
Both transmitter and receiver units can be used stand-alone or up to 8 units can be mounted into a 2U chassis.

Video Resolution
Video resolution up to1920x 1200at 60Hz

Skew Compensation
62ns de-skew with 2ns resolution (1/4 pixel at 1600x1200)

Extension Distance
200 meters using CAT5 Trunk cable
250 meters using CAT5e Trunk cable
300 meters using CAT6 Trunk cable
300 meters using CAT7 Trunk cable
200 meters using CAT7a Patch cable

Audio (end to end)
2 channel 16 bit Audio @ 44.1 KHz THD+N typically -80dB at 1kHz SNR typically 85dB at 1kHz

O/S Compatability
Operating system independent
Connectors (local / remote)

Local: 4 x 15 Pin D Type VGA, 1 x USB B, power jack, 2 x 3.5 mm jack socket and 2 x RJ45
Remote: 2 x 15 Pin D Type VGA, 4 x USB A, power jack, 3.5mm jack socket and 2 x RJ45
Physical Design

Local: All metal case, 122mm / 4.7?? (w) x 75mm / 3??(d) x 48mm / 2?? (h) 500g / 1.1 lb.
Remote: All metal case, 162mm / 6.4?? (w) x 75mm / 3??(d) x 48mm / 2?? (h) 650g / 1.4 lb.

100 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz input ? 5V, -12W output for bth local and remote
Operating Temperature

0ºC to 40º / 32ºF to 104ºF

Order Codes


XX= Mains Lead Country Code:
UK = United Kingdom
US = United States
EURO = Europe
AUS = Australia
Optional Accessories

PSU-IEC-5VDC-2.5A: Power adapter and country- specific power lead for local module (if USB powering not possible),
X-RMK-FASCIA-DUAL: Rack mount plate for X-USBPRO-MS2 module (useable for the local or remote modules),
X-RMK-CHASSIS: Rack mount chassis

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  • Garanti: 1 års garanti
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  • Kompatibla OEM #: X-USB-PRO-MS2 (1)
    X-USB-PRO-MS2-EURO (1)
    X-USBPRO-MS2 (1)
  • Tillverkarens artikelnr: X-USB-PRO-MS2


Adder Technology

Adder Technology



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