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9V IEEE802.3af PoE Splitter, POE-151S-9V.

PLA-POE-151S9V PLA-POE-151S9V    

9V IEEE802.3af PoE Splitter, POE-151S-9V.

The POE-151 and POE-151S is an IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet devices that provide 48V DC over Ethernet cables.

The POE-151/151S product includes two units: an Injector and a splitter. An injector inserts DC Voltage into the CAT 5 cable allowing the cable between the Injector and Splitter to transfer data and power simultaneously. The maximum distance between the Injector and Splitter is up to 100M.

With POE-151 installed, it is combines the Ethernet digital data with power over the twisted pair cables as an injector, and POE-150S, the splitter, shall separate the digital data and the power into two outputs.

With IEEE802.3af Power over Ethernet is installed, the system administrator only have to use a single RJ-45 Ethernet cable to carries both power and date to each device besides POE-151/151S also have following benefit whish is cost saving, ease for networking planning and higher reliability. What more, upon any IEEE802.3af installed, the POE-151 or POE-151S all can make the connection while migrating or splitting the power and the Ethernet digital packets. Providing three kind of DC output, the POE-150S shall provide up to 2A, 1.3A and 1A DC current at model POE-151S-5V, 151S-9V and 151S-12V.

For a place hard to find the power inlet, POE-151 and POE-151S, as a pair, should provides the easiest way to power your Ethernet devices such as PLANET ICA-500, Internet Camera on the ceiling, or WAP-4000, Wireless Access Point that installed on the top of the building.

To control the power system of your networking devices, POE-151S can be installed and co-work with third party 802.3af POE injector hub such as building VoIP telephony network in the office. Or, the POE-151 can be directly deployed to connect with third part 802.3af devices like Cisco AP or POE switches that installed 100 meters away.

- Comply with IEEE802.3af, Power over Ethernet, IEEE802.3/802.3u 10/100Base-TX
- Provides 48V DC power over RJ-45 Ethernet cable to device with Ethernet port
- LED indicators power input indication
- Distance up to 100 meters
- Choice of splitter for 5V DC, 9V DC or 12V DC
- Auto-detect of POE 802.3af equipment, protect devices from being damaged by incorrect installation
- Work with EIA568, category 5, 4-pair cables for 10Base-T or 100Base-TX


IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, 10/100Base-TX

Ethernet connector
2 x RJ-45 (1 for Data + DC in, 1 for Data out)

Ethernet data rate
10/100Mbps (vary on Ethernet device attached)

Output voltage / current
Vary on model:
POE-151S-5V: 5VDC, 2A max.
POE-151S-9V: 9VDC, 1.3A max
POE-151S-12V: 12VDC, 1A max.

Number of devices that can be powered

Ethernet data cable
TIA/EIA-568, Category 5/5e cable

LED indicator
1 x POE ready/ in-use

Dimensions (L x W x H)
73 x 55 x 24 mm

Ordering Information
- POE-151 IEEE802.3af Power Over Ethernet Injector
- POE-151S - 5V IEEE802.3af Power Over Ethernet Splitter with 5VDC output
- POE-151S - 9V IEEE802.3af Power Over Ethernet Splitter with 9VDC output
- POE-151S - 12V IEEE802.3af Power Over Ethernet Splitter with 12VDC output

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