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Bandbreddsstyrning 100Mbps. 2 WAN, 1 LAN och 1 DMZ 100Mbps port.

PLA-BM-2101 PLA-BM-2101    

Bandbreddsstyrning 100Mbps. 2 WAN, 1 LAN och 1 DMZ 100Mbps port.

The BM-2101 is specifically designed for SMB networks. It has built-in four 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports which include two WAN, one LAN and DMZ ports. No broadband router is required for users with only one public IP address. It also supports virtual server, Multi-DMZ, and dynamic DNS functions that are very useful for our customers to share local resources with Internet users.

For bandwidth management, packets can be classified based on IP address, IP subnet, and TCP/UDP port number. The device has more than 40 of the most common protocols such as H.323, Oracle, HTTP, FTP, and so on for easy definition. The administrators can define policies to ensure committed and maximum bandwidth levels for inbound and outbound traffic in each class. The administrators can also define three priority levels for each policy for ensuring high priority packets to receive the maximum available bandwidth. In addition, each policy can have a schedule defined for when the policy is activated or inactivated in increments of 30 minutes.

Both the NAT and DMZ mode are supported, and then it can maintain the infrastructure of existing network without reconfiguring. The BM-2101 provides policy-based firewall protection and several hacker protections to prevent hackers' attack. Besides, the comprehensive alarm and log function allows the network managers to easily enhance the security of local network.

Key Features
* Four 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports include two WAN, one LAN and DMZ ports.
* NAT mode and DMZ mode
* Traffic classification based on IP, IP range/subnet and TCP/UDP port range
* Guaranteed and maximum bandwidth with three levels of priorities
* Policy-based bandwidth management
* QoS Quota per Session and Quota per Day
* Outbound load-balancing function includes by Auto, Round-Robin, Traffic, Session, Packet, Source IP and Destination IP
* Assigns daily and weekly access schedule to each individual policy
* Professional monitor functions include Log, Accounting Report, Statistics,and Status
* MRTG-like Traffic Statistics, easy to trace and analyze
* Multi-Servers Load Balancing
* Dynamic DNS and DHCP server functions
* Filter Content includes URL, Script, P2P, IM and Download blocking
* Hacker Alert and Anomaly Flow Detection
* Virtual Server and IP mapping (Multi-DMZ Host)
* Multi-language Web UI and easily manage
* Authentication function includes authentication user/group, RADIUS, POP3 and LDAP.
*Backup Accounting Report for Outbound and Inbound traffic

SMB Bandwidth Management Gateway

If your xDSL or Cable Internet connection have only one public IP address and would like to share it with all LAN users, the PLANET bandwidth management gateway, BM-2101, is capable of meeting your need. The BM-2101 has built-in NAT function. No more broadband router is required, since BM-2101 provides all the broadband router functions and the bandwidth management function as well.

Bandwidth Management Gateway BM-2101


2 x 10/100Base-TX

1 x 10/100Base-TX, Auto-MDI/MDI-X

1 x 10/100Base-TX, Auto-MDI/MDI-X

1 x RS-232 (DB-9)

H/W Watch-Dog
*Auto reboot when detecting system fails

* Maximum Controlled Bandwidth 100Mbps
* Maximum Controlled Concurrent Session 241,000

* Web (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese)

Operation Mode
* DMZ_NAT, DMZ_Transparent, NAT

WAN Connection Type in NAT Mode
* PPPoE, DHCP, and Fixed IP

Traffic Classification
* IP, IP subnet and TCP/UDP port

Bandwidth Allocation
* Policy rules with Inbound/Outbound traffic management
* Guaranteed and maximum bandwidth
* Scheduled in unit of 30 minutes
* 3 Priorities
* Quota per Session and Quota per Day

* Traffic Log, Event Log, Connection Log and Log backup by mail or syslog server

* WAN port statistics and policy statistics with graph display

Firewall Security
* Policy-based access control
* Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI)
* Scheduled in unit of 30 minutes

Hacker Alert and Anomaly Flow Detection
* Detect SYN Attack
* Detect ICMP Flood
* Detect UDP Flood
* Detect Ping of Death Attack
* Detect Tear Drop Attack
* Detect IP Spoofing Attack
* Filter IP Route Option
* Detect Port Scan Attack
* Detect Land Attack
* Virus-Infected Blocking
* E-Mail Alert Notification
* NetBIOS Notification

* Event alarm for hacker attacks
* The alarm message can send to administrators by e-mail

Other Functions
* Firmware Upgradeable through web
* NTP support
* Configure Backup and Restore through web
* Dynamic DNS support
* Multiple NAT and multiple DMZ (mapped IP) support
* Multiple server load balancing

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